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Cumberland Farms gift cards are the clear choice for your everyday needs. We provide the smartest selection of basic necessities, the tastiest foods and beverages, and the friendliest service you'll find ANYWHERE.

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Open the door to their favorite store or restaurant with our Brand gift cards. The fashionista can pick up a pair of new shoes, your nephew can treasure a new coveted toy, or Mom and Dad can enjoy their anniversary at that tasty restaurant in town. Instore or online, there’s no better gift than a shopping cart just for them.

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Cumberland Farms is a destination for inspiration. We have a perfect gift for your partner, family, friends, or your boss all in one place. American Express and Vanilla Visa® Gift Cards come in a variety of designs to offer something for everyone. Or you can choose a card based on the recipient’s interests, like shopping, dining, traveling and much more. Our gift cards are a perfect gift because they send the right message, every time.